"Our daughter was afraid of diving ... just thinking of having her  own head under water was quite impossible to reach. One day at the beach we saw a very young child going to the water without fears and having a short swimming session; we then asked to her mother if she was having lessons and she said yes, reinforcing that those lessons only started a couple of months back and stating that her daughter feels more comfortable on going to the water by herself and happier. She gave us the swimming teacher contact details and we hired her to coach our daughter.

Looking from the time that Rebecca started, October last year, and looking what our daughter can do now, diving and staying on the water by her own, we truly see Rebecca as an outstanding swimming teacher, not only for the patience and caring she has with our daughter, but for the continuous improvement that our daughter is having on swimming and also for the friendship she has demonstrated - it is quite nice to see our daughter motivated to go to the swimming pool and to be with Rebecca!”


"My 4 children started swimming a year ago with Rebecca and they have made wonderful progress! My eldest two were doing competitive swimming training and she was able to correct their technique, improve their fitness and swimming times. My younger two started to learn swimming with her and have made fantastic progress and more importantly, they are really enjoying the sessions. Her professionalism, care and patience is remarkable and her ability and knowledge with a range of age groups has allowed my kids to thrive and love swimming!!"



My daughter did not know how to swim. She was 5 years old when we first started swimming lessons with Rebecca. It was unbelievable! In a short time we saw the result very quickly. Alisa began to be able to dive and swim in the water. It was very joyful for me to watch how Alisa began to independently float in the water, swim and dive. We were very pleasantly surprised! It was definitely a good idea to start swimming classes with Rebecca. We found her as a very good and professional swimming teacher. She is very joyful with kids and she is able to make kids understand how to swim with right technique. In a short time Alisa has learned to swim under water, on her back, dive and other types of swimming. We are very happy with the swimming lessons with Rebecca and highly recommending her as first class swimming teacher."


I can put this quite simply. You won't find a more committed, more caring coach than Becky anywhere in Dubai. She’s been an excellent coach and resource for my super athletic sons and myself. She is so knowledgeable and encouraging, keeping everyone motivated. I can tell you that after more than a year of intense training with Becky. We are all much stronger, faster, more motivated and our endurance levels have shot up 100 percent. Can’t recommend her enough!



"Three months ago we were looking for an activity for our extremely active 2 year old.  We decided that swim lessons would be the best as CJ has absolutely no fear of the water.  Becky was highly recommended to us as a very qualified teacher for younger children. From the very first lesson CJ took to her as she has an outgoing and happy personality.  She always uses a patient calm voice and makes the lessons fun.  She has a great understanding of young children and knows how to keep them engaged.

Within a short amount of time CJ has gone from just doggy paddling to swimming the length of the pool with his face in the water. He also knows how to hold his breath under water, wears googles, can tread water and can float on his back.  He can climb out the pool sides and jump back in by himself. We now consider him water safe and have no fear while he is in our pool with us. We are extremely satisfied with Becky’s approach to teaching.  We HIGHLY RECOMMEND Becky as a teacher for children."

Stone Family

"Rebecca has been training my kids for a few months now and i can't praise her enough! She is kind, hard working, professional and lots of fun too! My kids thoroughly enjoy their training with her and look forward to each time. Their strokes have improved a lot and I am so pleased with the impact Rebecca has made on them."